After identifying an emerging trend of people skipping car services in order to save money, we asked our expert mechanics if the short term savings will make an impact down the track or if we can really get away with missing a service.


A couple of reasons:

  1. They don’t want to spend the money on their car, even though without a car, life would be much more challenging.
  2. They think they can pick up where they left off at the next service and it won’t make an impact on their car.

In general there are two service types; major and minor services.

A minor service is essential maintenance on your car to keep it running well. Things like changing the oil, cleaning out filters and doing a safety check over.

If you’re checking and changing your oils and fluids regularly at home, that’s great and it’s not such a concern that you miss one service.

But most people aren’t doing it. And you’re not expected to.

Because that’s what regular servicing takes off your hands.

But if you aren’t doing either, that’s when you can run into trouble.

What people are forgetting is that a minor service can identify early signs of potential future issues.

We’re talking smaller, easily fixed problems turning into larger, more expensive problems very quickly.

“We had one customer who delayed coming in and what could have been repaired for $500 in its initial stage developed into a major issue which ended up costing her $2000. We really felt for her but there was no smaller fix that could have been done after being left to worsen. The car wasn’t driveable” – Kevin

  • Sludge build up
  • Filters start to block up – meaning the air coming through into your car won’t be as clean and dust free to breath




  1. Predict your future (psychic abilities not needed) 

You know that you will need to get your car serviced at least once or twice a year.

So the best thing to do to avoid getting a nasty shock when the service light pops up is to simply plan ahead.

At the start of the year just pencil into your calendar when you estimate your service is due.

How do you know when your service is due?   

Checking your cars log book and how many kilometers on your odometer will give you an idea of what service you are coming up to according to the manufacturer, if not a quick call to our workshop and we can confirm for you.  

What’s even better is getting an estimated cost for that service so you know how much to budget for.


  1. The ‘bit by bit’ approach 

The unfortunate reality is that cars aren’t indestructible, and if you’ve been hitting a lot of pot holes or driving up and over gutters for instance, there will be times where some other repairs arise such as needing new tyres or replacing CV boots (part of the steering system).

If these issues are identified during a service, we can prioritise them and usually the repairs can be spread out over a few months.

You can get prices up front, know the urgency of the repairs and just tackle them ‘bit by bit’.

This is a tactic a few of our customers do and it allows them to budget but still look after their cars.

However, this tactic only works with early identification!


If you are skipping services and all of a sudden bring your car in with issues, you are running the risk of all issues being an urgent fix and you don’t have the luxury of a few months to spread them across.