We have Auto-Electricians on-site for ultimate convenience!


We have Auto-Electricians on-site for ultimate convenience!

We know how busy our clients can be. If you need the service of an Auto-Electrician, but couldn’t go to multiple workshops, we offer the convenience of an on-site qualified Auto-Electrician.

Whether you need basic re-wiring, or a complex electrical repair, our qualified on-site auto-electrician is ready to serve you. We have modern machines to help identify car problems you’re dealing with, and we use only quality parts and lubricants to ensure that your car gets the best treatment.

At Titan Automotive, our client’s safety and comfort are our top priority.

Book an Auto-Electrician Today!

Need an auto-electrician? Call Titan Automotive today to book a qualified car mechanic or auto-electrician. Our facility is located in Oxenford. Call us at 07 55027344 or submit a contact form for inquiries or setting an appointment.

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New car servicing

We service in accordance with requirements outlined in the manufacturer’s warranty. Keep your new car warranty when you service with us.

Luxury vehicle servicing

Capable to service the entire range of models including sedans, SUVs and sports cars across a range of luxury car brands.


Regular wheel alignments and balances help your tires ware more evenly, making for a better drive and less stress on your car.


Trying to sell your car, transfer registration or re-register? We’re an approved inspection station for Queensland Government safety certificates.

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