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Air conditioner servicing, air conditioning re-gas, and all types of air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning Service

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Traveling under the heat of the sun without a properly functioning car air conditioning system can be such a hassle! Unless you’re okay to sweat and feel uncomfortable while driving, air conditioning in cars is really a must for everyone — especially for those living on the Gold Coast.

The car’s air conditioning system is essential in providing a cool and comfortable ride to both the driver and passengers of the vehicle. If you value your passengers’ comfort, it is best that you get your car’s air conditioner checked and serviced regularly. Don’t wait until it breaks down! A regular air conditioning servicing should be done to ensure that your car’s A/C functions properly even during the hottest season.

At Titan Automotive, we offer air conditioner servicing, air conditioning re-gas, and all types of air conditioning repairs. Among the common issues with air conditioning and heating systems that we encounter include small leaks, aircon compressor, and pollen/cabin filter to name a few.

If your car’s air conditioning system is starting to become faulty or dirty, have it checked by professionals immediately. We welcome you at Titan Automotive and our expert car mechanics will be more than glad to service your air conditioning system.

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