Car Servicing

All makes and models from 10,000km to over 200,000km scheduled services

Car Servicing

We provide comprehensive check-ups and maintenance for any car make and model.

Car owners know how vital regular car servicing is. If you want your vehicle to stay in good shape and properly maintained, make sure that you religiously have your car checked up and inspected by reliable and skilled car mechanics.

Avoiding regular check-ups and maintenance can cause problems for your car that require much more serious repairs in the future. Don’t risk your family’s safety! Save yourself time and money by making a car servicing appointment at Titan Automotive now.

Log Book Servicing

Log book servicing is a comprehensive inspection or examination of your car according to the manufacturer’s specifications. At Titan Automotive, we do log book servicing where our car mechanics will service your car as per the vehicle requirements.

This means, you don’t need to pay for expensive services at car dealers! Our vast knowledge of automotive maintenance and high-quality car servicing will provide you with the peace of mind that your car is getting the treatment it needs…at very friendly prices.

To ensure that your car is running at maximum efficiency, we do the following regular minor services on a petrol car:

Drain engine oil and replace up to 7 litres of full synthetic Valvoline

Replace oil filter

Check and clean air filter

Check all fluid levels and top up

Check brakes, brake connections and handbrake operation

Check windscreen washers and add washing fluid

Check battery and connections

Check windscreen wipers operation and blade condition

Check drive belt condition, re-tension if necessary

Check cooling system, radiator and heater hoses

Check radiator cap, hoses and connections

Check exhaust system for leaks and mounting

Inspect tyres for wear, check pressures and rotate if necessary

Check all lights for operation

Road test vehicle

Note that diesel cars may require slight differences in their servicing needs due to the nature of their parts and way of operating.

At Titan Automotive, you can be sure to receive only the highest quality of service, because all work is done:

By highly trained and qualified mechanics

Based on the manufacturer’s specification

Using only quality parts and lubricants that matches your vehicle

According to our clients’ budget, needs, and preferences

New Car Servicing

Have you recently purchased a new car? Do you want to make sure that everything is working the way it should be? Ensure the safety and comfort of your family by getting Titan Automotive’s new car servicing. We will service your car in accordance with any such requirements outlined in the manufacturer’s warranty, and the warranty will remain valid!

No need for expensive services at the dealers! At Titan Automotive, you’ll get first-class service at friendly prices. Click here to know more about our new car servicing.

European Car Servicing

We understand how luxury car owners can be both meticulous and careful with their vehicles. As an authorised service provider, you can trust that we can service your car according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Our professional and skilled mechanics are qualified to service European cars, including sedans, SUVs and sports cars.

No need for expensive services at the dealers! At Titan Automotive, you’ll get first-class service at friendly prices. Click here to know more about our European car servicing.

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More Services

New car servicing

We service in accordance with requirements outlined in the manufacturer’s warranty. Keep your new car warranty when you service with us.

Luxury vehicle servicing

Capable to service the entire range of models including sedans, SUVs and sports cars across a range of luxury car brands.


Regular wheel alignments and balances help your tires ware more evenly, making for a better drive and less stress on your car.


Trying to sell your car, transfer registration or re-register? We’re an approved inspection station for Queensland Government safety certificates.

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