Cylinder Head Overhaul

We service and overhaul any make or model of cylinder heads.

Cylinder Head Overhaul

The cylinder head is an essential part of a vehicle’s combustion engine and is responsible for performing several important tasks. Primarily, the cylinder head houses the intake and exhaust valves, the fuel injector, as well as the fuel and air passage that drives the car’s engine. This is also where engine ducts are found.

The main function of the cylinder head is managing the ventilation in and out of the car’s engine. When the cylinder head is faulty or doesn’t open and close properly, there will be inadequate pressure in the engine, which may lead to unstable and unsafe driving. The cylinder head, therefore, plays a vital role in the car’s engine overall function.

If your car’s cylinder head is not functioning well, let our skilled car mechanics at Titan Automotive do their job! We service or overhaul any make or model of cylinder heads.

Some of the signs that your car’s cylinder head needs to be checked up and inspected include:

Unusually strong odour (almost sweet) when the car is running

Coolant leak

Excessive smoke

Don’t wait for your car’s engine to act up. If you suspect that the cylinder head is not functioning well, bring your car in. At Titan Automotive, your car’s safety is our top priority!

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