Suspension and Shock Absorbers


Suspension and Shock Absorbers

With our suspension system service, you will experience smooth and comfortable ride at all times!

A fully functioning suspension system is vital to any vehicle because it enables steering stability and good handling, providing comfort and smooth ride to passengers.

A car’s suspension system works by maximising the friction between your vehicle’s tyres and the surface of the road. Therefore, we at Titan Automotive continue to emphasise the importance of regular suspension system and shock absorber service to ensure safety and comfort at all times.

At Titan Automotive, we use only quality parts and lubricants. Different car makes and models may have different suspension systems, but most systems come with a frame or a chassis, leaf springs, coil springs, torsion bars, and dampeners such as struts and shock absorbers. Our car mechanics are highly trained to work on these parts and pieces according to your vehicle type and specifications.

Don’t wait until your vehicle’s suspension system is acting up; be sure to schedule a regular suspension and shock absorber service from professional car mechanics to have them checked up and inspected.

Some of the signs that your car’s suspension or shock absorbers are faulty or need to be checked include:

A bouncy ride

Excessive body roll on corners

Poor handling

Not sitting level when stationary

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