Queensland Transport approved Certificate of Inspection for Uber Drivers.

Uber Vehicle Inspections

We do vehicle inspections for Uber drivers.

Whether you’re already an Uber driver of looking to get into Uber driving, you have to prepare what all Uber driver-partners in Queensland need — a Certificate of Inspection (COI)

Titan Automotive is approved by Queensland Transport to perform and submit Certificates of Inspection required by Uber. So, if you are planning to be part of the Uber business, we can assist you with your requirements.

The Certificate of Inspection is valid for 12 months from the time it is issued. You will then need to re-apply for a new COI every year.

Vehicle Inspection Process

Uber vehicle inspection:

  1. Schedule an appointment for inspection with Titan Automotive.
  2. Once you have a confirmed booking, one of our qualified mechanics will perform the vehicle check.
  3. Our mechanic will advise if there is any issue with your vehicle that prevents a Certificate of Inspection being issued.
  4. Otherwise, if all is clear, we will issue your Certificate of Inspection (COI).

Submission of Certificate

When your Certificate of Inspection has been issued, Titan Automotive will submit a copy of the certificate to Queensland Transport. Upon request, we can also submit a copy to Uber on your behalf.

That’s it! You are now ready to be part of the Uber business in Queensland.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Do you need a Certificate of Inspection for Uber? Call Titan Automotive. Our facility is located in Oxenford. Call us at 07 55027344 or submit a contact form with for inquiries or setting an appointment.

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